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Halo miniature game shows off Spartans in first big reveal

Mini-maker Mantic Games has revealed four fantastic Spartan miniatures, the first kits for the upcoming Halo: Flashpoint miniature wargame.

Halo Miniature Game spartan minis - soldiers in colorful power armor, purple, yellow, green, and blue

Mantic Games has revealed the new Spartan models for its upcoming Halo miniature game ‘Halo: Flashpoint’, which is set to release in fall 2024. We know from previous announcements that these diminutive super-soldiers will be about 40mm tall, but details are still scant for the upcoming game.

According to a reveal post on the Mantic Games website on Monday, the Spartan minis will be made from “pre-assembled” plastic, and will be accompanied by “pre-coloured easy-assembly terrain”. Mantic says Halo: Flashpoint has been “built for a wide audience of Halo fans”, including newcomers to miniature wargames drawn in by the Halo IP.

The firm adds that Flashpoint is “a dynamic game built on proven mechanics that reward tactical thinking, encourage bold playstyles, and create awesome cinematic moments”. The mention of “proven mechanics” might mean that Flashpoint is similar to Mantic’s existing sci-fi skirmish game, Deadzone. That could be a good fit: Deadzone has really quick and easy to understand rules for movement and shooting.

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According to Mantic’s announcement, both players take control of “highly-trained Spartan fireteams that clash against each other”, with “dangerous foes and fresh conflicts … waiting just over the horizon”. We interpret this to mean that the starter set will only contain Spartans, but other factions will follow in expansions.

Mantic will reveal all when they launch the Halo: Flashpoint website “at the end of March 2024”. Members of the public will get their first chance to demo the game at Adepticon 2024.

While Halo: Flashpoint is the only licensed Halo game announced by Mantic so far, the firm does have form for creating multiple sci-fi games in the same universe. When we interviewed Mantic founder Ronnie Renton, he described the path that led from their skirmish game Deadzone to their platoon-level game Firefight, and ultimately to their massed battle game Epic Warpath.

Halo Miniature Game spartan minis - soldiers in colorful power armor, purple, yellow, green, and blue

This is unadulterated speculation on our part, but it’s quite possible for Mantic and 343 Industries to test the water with Halo: Flashpoint, and then greenlight a new mass-battle game – complete with kits for vehicles like Warthogs and Ghosts – if sales are strong.

The release of a new range of Halo miniatures is going to make it all the harder to explain to well-meaning relatives which box of toy soldiers you’d like for your birthday. We have guides explaining “What is Warhammer 40k”, and to the Space Marines, reference materials that are sure to clear up their bewilderment.