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Wizkids’ meme-y comic book minis are selling out fast

Wizkids has immortalised a range of superhero memes by turning them into HeroClix miniatures – and they’re already selling out online.

HeroClix meme sell out - Wizkids mini of Batman slapping Robin

Wizkids’ internet-savvy Iconix, a range of HeroClix minis that recreates various superhero memes, is already selling out online. A marketing email from May 11 points out some of the internet’s most beloved funny pictures, including ‘Spiderman pointing at himself’ and ‘sad Wolverine’, are already sold out. However, the publisher says Local Game Stores may still have some copies.

Other Iconix are still available to pre-order, albeit with “limited inventory”. This means there’s still time to pick up a mini where Batman slaps Robin across the head, if that’s something your shelf is really lacking. This particular meme will set you back $19.99 (£15.98), and it’s due to release sometime in quarter two of 2023.

As well as iconic internet jokes, the Iconix line recreates big moments from comic history. One miniature captures the moment Bane broke Batman’s back, while another depicts the infamous Thanos snap.

The Batman and Robin product description lets us know these minis are designed “specifically for the collector”, with a windowed box display for viewing. However, a Polygon article from when the line was initially announced reports the Iconix line will be compatible with the HeroClix tabletop game.

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