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JoyToy turns Infinity knights into 1/18 action figures

The PanOceanian Knights Hospitaller are the latest characters from Corvus Belli’s Infinity wargame to make the jump to large scale action figure.

Infinity Wargame action figure by JoyToy - special character Mendoza, a sword-wielding knight in power armor

Seven more models from Corvus Belli’s Infinity wargame have been hit with the expansion ray and turned into 1/18 scale JoyToy action figures. The new figures are all from Infinity’s PanOceania faction – four Knights Hospitaller, two Nokken recon troopers, and the special character Mendoza.

JoyToy has been scaling up models from Infinity since February. Infinity is the second wargame to get the JoyToy treatment and joins an extensive library of miniatures based on models from Warhammer 40k factions.

Currently the Knights Hospitaller are available as a bundle for $122 from JoyToyWorld.com, while the Nokkens and Mendoza are selling for $48 each.

If you’re not familiar with Infinity, it’s one of the best miniature wargames for high-tension small scale sci-fi skirmishes. Players control teams of around ten special operatives each, in battles that mix the lethality of real world combat with plenty of sci-fi nonsense.

YouTube channel Guerilla Miniature Games has some great videos if you want to get a sense for it:

YouTube Thumbnail

While most infantry in Warhammer 40k is about as powerful as a Space Marine, Infinity has plenty of base-line humans who will go down to a single bullet. It makes the extra survivability afforded to the Knights Hospitaller by their power armor feel like a real super power.

With just ten figures per side, playing a game of Infinity using these 1/18 scale models would actually be feasible, though huge. When Wargamer visited Warhammer Fest we saw a 28mm scale Imperator Titan fielded as part of a massive game of Adeptus Titanicus that used Warhammer 40k scale Warlord Titans, so if that’s possible, an upscaled version of Infinity would be too.