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Introducing… the Wargamer Archive

An archive of over 3.5k published articles from Wargamer’s legacy website is now available to browse

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When we relaunched Wargamer in January, we put in a lot of work to migrate as many of our old reviews, guides, and news stories as we possibly could to the shiny new website. Unfortunately, with thousands of quality articles stored up, we were only able to port a small minority across into our next evolution.

As of today, however, we’re delighted to announce that over 3.5k articles published on the previous version of Wargamer are now freely available on our website again. Ever since the relaunch nearly four months ago, our tech team has been hard at work behind the scenes on a way to make this possible. It’s taken some elbow grease, but you can now find thousands of our classic articles, with their dates of publication and author names, safe and sound (and publicly available) by clicking the Archive link in the ‘More’ dropdown above.

Now, they don’t have all the polish and mod-cons of the newer Wargamer content you’ve come to know and love – in the revivification process, they’ve lost any images that were hosted on the old-school website. But the important thing is that you can now, once again, access the vault of amazing wargaming articles that we simply didn’t have the tools to bring over before the site’s relaunch. And we think that’s pretty damn exciting.

This historic content lives in a separate part of the website – which we shall henceforth reverently call the Wargamer Archive – and functions as a straight-up scrolling list of stories, but, just like the main site, you can use the search box at the top of the screen to track down the specific game or article that you’re after.

Wargamer welcome feature main image multi device screenshots showing Wargamer site

Good news, too, if you’re looking for reviews, features, and other articles by a specific contributor: while in the Archive, just click on the author name next to one of their articles, and you’ll see a list of all the pieces in the Archive that were written by them. For Wargamer’s contributors past and present, we really hope this proves a valuable resource, allowing you to access all your published work from our older site.

And if you spot any articles in the Archive that aren’t working properly, or seem to have some issue with them, do drop us a line via email or on our social channels. We’re really excited to have this historic content available again, and we want it all to be readable, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone!