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Magic: The Gathering game breaks out in mosh pit

A Magic: The Gathering fan played consecutive MTG matches in the mosh pit at a Machine Girl concert, before eventually one of their decks was knocked over

Magic The Gathering card art of a cyberpunk disc jockey

What’s the strangest place you’ve ever snuck in a game of Magic: The Gathering? We’ve heard stories of strangers having chance MTG matches on trains or at airports, but this blows all those out of the water. A cybergrind devotee, who goes by the name Leonardo Decapitator, played five games of Magic in the mosh pit at a Machin3G1rl concert, before his zoo deck was (inevitably) accidentally kicked over by a flailing music fan.

According to Leonardo, he brought a couple of retro MTG decks (zoo and ghost dad archetypes) with him when he went to see the band Machine Girl, which describes its music as a form of “fucked-up electronic punk”. He’d arranged to play Magic with someone at the gig a month before via Discord, but couldn’t find them on the day, and ended up grabbing “another dude that thought the concept was cool”. He tells Wargamer: “The crowd around us was super stoked about it and stood in a circle to watch.”

“When Machine Girl started playing all the lights went off so we panicked a little,” Leonardo says, but ultimately the pair resolved to resume play in the pit. “Everyone brought their phone flashlights out to illuminate the play area and we continued on.”

When disaster struck and the cards were sent flying, the surrounding Machine Girl fans pitched in to help out. “A bunch of people helped pick the cards up for me and helped carry us out of the pit,” Leonardo says.

Check out the video above to take a closer look. It’s impressive how the players are managing to mosh and play Magic at the same time! You’d think it’d be hard to read the cards.