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Marvel Crisis Protocol’s Rhino is a true tabletop bulldozer

Atomic Mass Games previews Rhino, a heavyweight Spiderman villain stampeding into Marvel Crisis Protocol like a battering ram on two legs

Marvel Crisis Protocol Rhino model by Atomic Mass Games - a miniature of a man in an enormous rhino costume, smashing up the pavement

Atomic Mass Games (AMG) has previewed Marvel Crisis Protocol (MCP) rules for Rhino, an enormous, thick-skinned Spiderman Villain who’s been part of the Marvel comics universe since 1966. The rules cards for Rhino, posted to AMG’s blog on Tuesday, reveal a lumbering brute that has a deceptive and destructive turn of speed.

Rhino’s Short movement range suggests that he’s a cumbersome and static fighter, but the article highlights three abilities that it says will make him surprisingly, destructively, mobile. Rhino’s basic melee attack ‘Gore’ has a range of three and “lets you place him within Range one of his target”, representing a short, head-first attack. This basic attack builds up Rhino’s momentum, the resource MCP heroes use to activate their superpowers.

Once Rhino has sufficient momentum he can activate his Stampede superpower, which pushes him Medium distance and “clobbers through interactive terrain of Size 2 or less”, while boosting the damage of his gore attack. The game designer also highlights Rhino’s Aggressive ability in the article, which grants him a free Short move every time he suffers damage from an enemy attack.

Until we play with the mini it’ll be hard to judge, but everything on his rules card suggests this model will play very true to character – a belligerent man-rhino that takes a while to get up to speed but is almost impossible to stop. Rhino is available to pre-order now from the Asmodee webstore, which lists a launch date of January 13 2023.

Marvel Crisis Protocol is one wargame we’re following with interest, earning a place on both our lists of the best Marvel board games and best miniature wargames for its blend of stunning models and kinetic, superheroic combat.