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Zombicide spinoff Marvel Zombies gets kickstarted for over $9M

Zombicide creator CMON has made cooperative board game Marvel Zombies, one of the highest funded Kickstarter board games ever

Marvel Zombies Kickstarter Funded Galactus Miniature Promo Photo

Zombicide spinoff board game Marvel Zombies has raised over $9 million / £6.6 million on Kickstarter, making it one of the best-selling Kickstarter board games to date. Publisher CMON partnered with Marvel and children’s entertainment company Spinmaster to develop the cooperative board game, which – like its many siblings – comes complete with a horde of zombie-slashing miniatures. With nearly 29,000 backers, Marvel Zombies reached nearly eight figures of funding in just 16 days.

According to the Kickstarter page, the retail release of Marvel Zombies is planned for October 2022. CMON says backers of the project can choose between having their primary core box delivered at release date, or waiting until June 2023, when all the additional boxes and miniatures are set to ship. It’s not yet clear from the Kickstarter exactly when you’ll be able to get your hands on a copy of Marvel Zombies, or how much it’ll cost you if you buy it during the retail release.

A complete set of Marvel Zombies currently includes two core boxes, six expansions (two being Kickstarter exclusives), and four boxes of Kickstarter-exclusive bonus hero miniatures. The core Marvel Zombies box has you and up to 5 other players take control of the shambling corpses of characters like Captain America and the Incredible Hulk in order to fight off Shield agents and satiate your hunger for human flesh. Meanwhile, the second core box, ‘Marvel Zombies: X-Men Resistance’, has players fighting off waves of the undead as the last Marvel heroes alive.

One of the largest miniatures included in the series is a 62cm-tall Galactus with interchangeable heads and right arms. Characters from across the Marvel comics and film universes will also make an appearance in this zombie wasteland – backers had the chance to purchase exclusive miniatures, including Marvel mainstays like the Fantastic Four, The Sinister Six, and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel Zombies Kickstarter Funded Logo and Zombie Illustration

As well as the original Zombicide, CMON is best known for releasing other tabletop gaming hits such as Sheriff of Nottingham, Munchkin: Dungeon, Ethnos, and the Bloodborne tabletop series.

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