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In Communist Monopoly, you can be executed for getting too rich

Youtuber No Rolls Barred has created a Stalinist version of Monopoly, where getting wealthy means instant jail, and you're lucky if you survive.

Monopoly rebranded to fit Stalin's USSR

The Youtube channel No Rolls Barred has made a Communist version of Monopoly for its House Rules series, which reimagines classic board games with ridiculous rules. We’re normally all in favour of bringing in house rules, especially for a board game like Monopoly, which – let’s face it – needs all the help it can get. But this one… may not be ready for a general audience just yet.

So how does Communopoly work, you’re wondering? Perhaps you’re thinking all the money you earn will get redistributed fairly. Not so. This board game looks to be set in the midst of The Great Terror of Stalin’s regime, and mostly involves going to jail and never being seen again.

We advise checking out the video below to enjoy the spectacle, but here’s a summary of some of the rules changes:

  • You start the game with 1000 Rubles. If at any point you have more than 1000 Rubles, you’re thrown into jail.
  • You can be ‘disappeared’ from jail if you roll a one, which means your piece gets permanently removed and you lose all your assets. Start again. 
  • Go is replaced with Stoy! (Halt!), which you have to bribe your way past, and the two card types are now ‘No Chance’ and ‘Communist Test’. 
  • There are new story elements. Each piece has its own special powers and unique end game.
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No Rolls Barred has been running its House Rules series for over a year now, and built up quite the library. Videos include Guess Who based purely on vibes, Twister but the pair of them are handcuffed together, and Jenga with increasingly bigger gloves.

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