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Mörk Borg RPG: Cult Heretic expansion comes out April 12

The Mörk Borg RPG expansion Cult: Heretic has an official release date - April 12

Mork Borg RPG Cult Heretic release date - horned corpse illustration

Swedish tabletop RPG publisher Free League Publishing has announced the release date for Mörk Borg Cult: Heretic, the expansion for the rules-light, dark fantasy RPG Mörk Borg. Fans of the indie TTRPG success will be able to grab a copy of the expansion – as well as a GM screen – from April 12.

According to a press release from Free League, “the tome Mörk Borg Cult: Heretic includes creatures, optional rules and generators as well as four adventures; Nurse the Rot, Graves Left Wanting, Sepulchre of the Swamp Witch and Bloat”. While the original Mörk Borg RPG comes from the rotten minds of Pelle Nilsson and Johan Nohr, Free League says the expansion is “a zine of community-made misadventure and malice” – though the press release and pre-order page do not name any additional creators at this time.

The expansion is now available for pre-order, and Free League is offering “immediate access to the PDF” upon pre-order. Mörk Borg Cult: Heretic costs $19.77 / £15.08, and pre-order copies will reportedly be sent out “ahead of the official release” – so ordering early means you might be able to use the sourcebook sooner.

The press release (and pre-order page) offer extra information on what to expect from the next instalment of Mörk Borg – including “unheroic feats” that help you personalise characters, optional combat rules, and two additional, optional classes – the Sacrilegious Songbird and the Shedding Vicar. The Mörk Borg GM screen will apparently be a five-paneled portrait of “five scenes of various locales and important characters”, as well as a GM-facing side with essential tables and rules to streamline play.

Mork Borg RPG Cult Heretic release date - GM screen

Mörk Borg is a “pitch-black fantasy RPG about lost souls and fools seeking redemption, forgiveness, or the last remaining riches in a bleak world”, and it won four ENNIE Awards in 2020 – including Product of the Year and Best Game.

It’s an Old School Renaissance (OSR) RPG, which means it takes inspiration from older, less rules-strict TTRPGs like the earliest editions of Dungeons and Dragons. According to Free League Publishing, Mörk Borg “can be played as is or be picked apart for use in your own homebrew”.

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