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Pandemic Board Game is 51% cheaper in Amazon’s early Black Friday deals

The fantastic strategy board game, Pandemic, is now more available at more than half price.

A group of four people, including a scientist, a soldier, a medic and a workman on the box of the board game, Pandemic.

A team of professionals must rush to stop the spread of deadly disease as a global pandemic breaks out and the world grinds to a halt. Gosh what a far-fetched premise. Pandemic, indeed! But, seriously, since its release in 2008, Pandemic has solidified itself as one of the best board games of this generation. If you’ve been hankering to give it a try, then we’ve got good news for you: Pandemic is 51% off in Amazon’s early Black Friday sales, bringing the price down to $22.02.

It’s a game you can play cooperatively with up to four other players. Each of you is assigned a randomly selected role (for example, a medic, or a researcher), which gives you unique abilities that you use to stop the spread of four deadly diseases that are making their way around the world. By randomising the role that each person plays, it helps make it feel a little bit different each time that you play. You never know which roles will or won’t show up in play, meaning that you and your team will have to develop a different strategy based on the characters you’ve been assigned.

It’s a unique game and one that usually lasts for about forty-five minutes, making it easy entertainment if you have friends or family over for the holiday season. Though it’s not a game that will suit many young children, it is an accessible game and can be very rewarding for teenagers and adults alike.

As a very well respected board game, it certainly deserves its spot in anybody’s collection. If you have any gamer fans in your life, this could make an excellent present for the holiday season.


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