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The best Pathfinder books

From Lost Omens to Adventure Paths, here’s everything you need to know about the new Pathfinder books coming out from Paizo.

Pathfinder books - Paizo art of a smiling Tanuki

New Pathfinder books are announced all the time, expanding the lore and player options of Paizo’s grand tabletop RPG. With so many sourcebooks on the horizon, it can be tricky tracking which Pathfinder books you should get excited about. We’ve compiled a list of the best new and upcoming Pathfinder books to make your collect-athon a little easier.

Sometimes, the core Pathfinder books alone aren’t going to cut it for your RPG game. Maybe you need campaign ideas, or maybe you’re bored of playing the same Pathfinder classes and Pathfinder races. Whatever you’re looking for, the best new Pathfinder books can expand your options. Check out each of them below.

Treasure Vault, a Pathfinder book by Paizo

These are the newest Pathfinder books:

  • Treasure Vault
  • Gatewalkers
  • Firebrands
  • The Enmity Cycle
  • Stolen Fate
  • Highhelm
  • Sky King’s Tomb
  • Rage of Elements
  • Howl of the Wild
  • Pathfinder Remastered
  • Rusthenge
  • Season of Ghosts
  • Tian Xia World Guide
  • Tian Xia Character Guide

Treasure Vault

Type Release date
Rulebook February 22, 2023

As the name implies, Treasure Vault is a literal treasure trove of weapons, armor, magic items, and more. It introduces almost 600 new pieces of equipment and over 50 new weapons.

Along with this, Treasure Vault offers fresh rules for crafting and new categories of equipment. You’ll find powerful artifacts in each corner of the dragon’s hoard, but these may come with a grave price.


Type Release date
Adventure Path January – March 2023

In the Gatewalkers Adventure Path, a paranormal event caused portals to open across the world. Some who entered the portals never returned, while others emerged with missing memories. You’ll play as members of the second group who are now ‘gatewalkers’ searching for answers.

Firebreands, a Pathfinder book by Paizo


Type Release date
Lost Omens March 29, 2023

The Firebrands is a famous organisation known for its fiery fights. Its members rally against injustice and indulge in chaos in equal measure.

If you’re looking to become a member of the Firebrands, this Lost Omens book is for you. It’ll walk you through Firebrands membership, missions, magic items, and more.

The Enmity Cycle

Type Release date
Adventure May 24, 2023

The Enmity Cycle is an adventure for fourth-level characters set in the Thuvian city of Lamasara. Your party must investigate the mysterious disappearance of three artists. These aren’t just any creative types; they were going to unite Thuvias cities with one unifying creation. Now they’re gone, the political state of Thuvia hangs in the balance.

Stolen Fate

Type Release date
Adventure Path April – June 2023

In the Stolen Fate Adventure Path, you’ll play as a party of veteran heroes (starting out at level 11). Strange and magical visions will take you across the world (and the planes) on a quest to save the very future itself.

Stolen Fate also relies on the use of a Harrow deck (It’s like a Tarot deck, only with a Pathfinder spin). Whether you’re using a real deck or dice to represent one, your character will often be guided by fate and asked to draw a card.


Type Release date
Lost Omens June 28, 2023

Described by Paizo designers as “New York City for Dwarves”, Highhelm is one of the grandest fortresses ever built by Dwarven-kind. Now it’s home to far more than just your typical Pathfinder dwarf; anyone can visit or settle by joining its clans. Whether your Pathfinder character wants to put down roots or take a mountain holiday, Lost Omens: Highhelm gives you all the info you need.

You can learn more in our exclusive Lost Omens: Highhelm preview.

Mantle of Gold, a Sky King's Tomb Pathfinder book by Paizo

Sky King’s Tomb

Type Release date
Adventure Path August 3, 2023

Shortly after we encounter Highhelm in a Lost Omens book, we’ll be introduced to it through an Adventure Path too. Sky King’s Tomb starts out with some city festivities, but a discovered relic quickly turns things deadly – and drives your adventuring party underground to unearth the secrets of Dwarven history.

‘Mantle of Gold’ is the first entry in this adventure path. According to Paizo’s website, we can either expect it in July or on August 3.

Learn more about the adventure path in an exclusive Sky King’s Tomb preview, courtesy of us at Wargamer.

Rage of Elements

Type Release date
Rulebook August 3, 2023

Everything in Rage of Elements revolves around the elements of the natural world. This includes two new planes (wood and some pretty heavy metal), as well as the Kineticist class, which apparently has the longest class rules Pathfinder 2e has seen so far. Expect plenty of new spells, feats, and items – as well as plenty of elementals.

Here’s an exclusive Rage of Elements preview where you can learn more.

Rusthenge, a Pathfinder book by Paizo

Pathfinder Remastered

Type Release
Rulebook March 2024

All the core 2e rulebooks are getting an upgrade in Pathfinder Remastered. With changes like the removal of the Drow, these books will take Pathfinder further away from Dungeons and Dragons and its DnD OGL. They’ll also streamline some existing rules, expand character options, and generally make the game more approachable.

The core player and GM rulebooks are currently expected to release in October 2023. Meanwhile, the monster rulebook and a second player rulebook are set for an unconfirmed date in 2024.


Type Release date
Adventure October 18, 2023

Rusthenge is a first-level adventure set in the ruins of the same name. It’s a relic from the ancient Thassilon empire, and your adventuring party will be exploring it before too long.

We don’t know a lot about this adventure yet – other than the fact “something sinister is afoot”. A Paizo team member has confirmed this isn’t a horror adventure, so we’re expecting some good old-fashioned dungeon crawling.

The Summer That Never Was, a Season of Ghosts Pathfinder book from Paizo

Season of Ghosts

Type Release date
Adventure Path October 18, 2023

Pathfinder is returning to the world of Tian Xia, kicking off with the Season of Ghosts Adventure Path. This is a horror-tinged adventure that takes place in the town of Willowshore across four seasons. A curse afflicts the town, causing monsters to invade and an impenetrable fog to cut Willowshore off from the rest of the world.

‘The Summer that Never Was’ kicks off the adventure path, with an estimated release date set for October.

Tian Xia World Guide

Type Release date
Lost Omens 2024

Tian Xia is a land far from Golarion’s inner sea, and it’s shrouded in mystery. The upcoming Lost Omens Tian Xia World Guide will uncover some of the continent’s stories.

It’ll fully introduce the cultures, history, and mythology of Tian Xia. Paizo’s descriptions of the book so far hint that the Tian Xia World Guide will offer adventure prompts with plenty of political intrigue, as well as lush landscapes filled with all-new monsters.

Tian Xia Character Guide

Type Release date
Lost Omens 2024

If you want to create a character that hails from Tian Xia, you’ll need the Lost Omens Tian Xia Character Guide. It includes six new ancestries and plenty of backgrounds, heritages, and feats relevant to the setting.

So far, Paizo has revealed three of the new ancestries. Samsarans are regular reincarnators who can call on knowledge from their past lives, and Wayangs had a history with the Shadow Plane before settling in Tian Xia. You can also play as an adorable Tanuki, whose shapeshifting powers can be used for heroics as well as their usual playful antics.

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