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Pathfinder’s Kingmaker campaign makes a regal return

Pathfinder Kingmaker is back, the classic campaign rereleased and expanded with modern rules and extra content, incorporating the Kingmaker video game

Pathfinder Kingmaker - a dryad, an undead cyclops, and a king with a halberd, all looking imposing.

Pathfinder creator Paizo has relaunched its most successful campaign to date. 12 years after the classic Kingmaker Adventure Path released, Paizo’s bringing it back in hardcover compilation form, with an expanded edition, updated to Pathfinder 2E, that boasts hundreds of pages of new content.

The ambitious Kingmaker campaign lets adventurers create their own kingdom, growing their holdings from “a single fortress” to “a burgeoning empire” as they themselves progress from levels 1 to 20. The new 2022 Kingmaker Adventure Path is available to pre-order from Paizo’s store now, and expected to arrive on October 26, the same date as its retail release. It must be mentioned, the price is pretty darn steep, at an eyewatering $99.99 / £90!

Based on the first edition campaign from 2010, this new version of Kingmaker not only has expanded versions of the original’s six chapters, it also incorporates content from Owlcat’s 2018 video game adaptation. This includes seven companions inspired by the game that come in a tie-in ‘Companion Guide’ product  – also with a unique adventure for each one.

Pathfinder Kingmaker - a group of adventurers fighting their way through a jungle.

That’s by no means the only tie-in associated with this release, we should clarify. In fact, Paizo’s put 13 Kingmaker-related products up for pre-order on its store, from the Adventure Path campaign itself, to a bestiary, and accessories like flip-mats and map folios.

This Kingmaker reboot Follows Paizo’s pattern of relaunching old, beloved Pathfinder campaigns. In previous years, the company has produced updated, hardcover versions of its other popular, out-of-print campaigns such as Rise of the Runelords and Curse of the Crimson Throne. It was surely only a matter of time before Kingmaker made a comeback.

Pathfinder Kingmaker Adventure Path, and all the other tie-ins and accessories brought out alongside the campaign, can be preordered from Paizo’s store now. You may need a king’s ransom to obtain them all though, as the campaign is priced at $99.99, the Bestiary at $49.99, and the Companion Guide at $39.99. There’s also a faux-leather deluxe edition that’s going for $129.99, if you’re really rolling in it.