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Pathfinder Rage of Elements debuts two Geniekin heritages

Paizo’s Rage of Elements Pathfinder sourcebook introduces two new Geniekin 2e heritages to accompany the new planes of wood and metal

Pathfinder Rage of Elements geniekin - Paizo art of a party of adventurers exploring a forest

Paizo lead designer Logan says Pathfinder fans can expect to see new Geniekin ancestry options this summer, Wargamer can confirm. The upcoming Rage of Elements sourcebook introduces two new planes to Pathfinder, the planes of metal and wood. Each one offers a new Geniekin heritage.

“In anticipation of the book, a lot of people have said they’d love to see this”, Bonner tells Wargamer. “And luckily, they’re gonna get their wish; there are heritages for Geniekin types for metal and wood.”

“There’s the Ardande, or the wood Geniekin, and the Talos, who are the metal Geniekin”, Bonner says in an exclusive Rage of Elements preview. “They’re much like other Geniekin in that they’re people with some wood or metal elemental in their bloodline.” “These heritages mean you can have metal skin, turn green, have wooden hair, and all that kind of fun stuff”, he adds.

Pathfinder Rage of Elements book cover from Paizo

Due to release this summer, Rage of Elements is a sourcebook entirely focused on the tabletop RPG’s elemental planes. So far we know it introduces two new Rage of Elements planes, and the returning Kineticist is shaping up to be the longest class ever produced in terms of content.

Geniekin is a name given to anyone who has some combination of humanoid and elemental ancestry. There are currently five Geniekin 2e heritage options found in the 2021 sourcebook Lost Omens: Ancestry Guide. While these may give hints of what kinds of feats and characteristics the new Geniekin may have, no mechanical features have been confirmed yet.

For more Pathfinder player options, take a gander at our Pathfinder classes and Pathfinder races guides. Pathfinder: Rage of Elements is currently available for pre-order on the Paizo website, with a Pocket Edition and a Special Edition also available.