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Pathfinder sales are through the roof following DnD OGL row

Pathfinder publisher Paizo says its sold eight months' worth of copies in just two weeks, after announcing its open licence during the DnD OGL controversy

Pathfinder OGL - an adventuring party facing a dragon

Pathfinder publisher Paizo says it’s seen “overwhelming support” since announcing its own open licence, the ORC, in the wake of declared changes to the DnD OGL. From January 13-25, the publisher ran a sale “celebrating the spirit of Open Gaming”, which it says has been “a critical hit”. Indeed, it apparently sold eight months’ worth of the game’s core rule book in just the past two weeks.

In a tweet released Thursday, Paizo says it’s been “inundated with many weeks worth of orders”, having to bring in additional support to process them all. It warns of abnormally long shipping times as the company works overtime to deal with the deluge.

Pathfinder OGL - an elf reading a book covered in eyes

Along with selling out of the core rulebook, Paizo says that demand for Pathfinder beginner boxes is surging. It encourages fans to buy PDF and Virtual Tabletop versions of its products as non-physical alternatives.

Having blown through stock that was meant to last till September, the publisher says its ordered a new print run of the hardcover rulebook, which it expects to become available in mid-April.

Paizo’s not the only publisher reporting a bump in sales as scandal rocks Dungeons and Dragons. Chaosium, which pledged support for Paizo’s ORC licence effort early on, says it’s also likely to run out of Call of Cthulhu starter sets months ahead of schedule, and has new print runs of the set coming in February and March.

Meanwhile, Wizards of the Coast continues to survey its fans to find a workable new DnD OGL. This week, DnD Beyond issued an apologetic statement, acknowledging that v1.2 of the licence had missed the mark for the playerbase.