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Classic board game Risk is now a snappy 20-minute card game

Tabletop publisher Avalon Hill announces Risk Strike, a Risk card game that keeps the conflict but cuts the strategy board game’s lengthy playtime.

Risk card game announced - Avalon Hill image of Risk Strike box on blue background

If you haven’t got eight hours to dedicate to Risk, Avalon Hill’s new Risk card game might be up your alley. The tabletop publisher announced the release of Risk Strike on July 10. Avalon Hill says to expect “a quick-playing cards and dice game that offers a fresh way to play the Risk game”, and it claims to have shaved the playtime of the classic board game down to a brisk 20 minutes.

Like many of the best card games (though not so many of the best board games), Risk Strike is played without a cumbersome board. Everything in this edition of Risk is handled by cards and dice.

Risk card game released - Avalon Hill image of Risk Strike box and components on blue background

“When strategizing, players can rally, sabotage, bombard, spy, and perform other maneuvers using tactics cards”, Avalon Hill says in a press release from Monday. “Players compete to dominate the most continents by rolling the dice to battle rivals for one of the 42 continent cards. By collecting a complete set of continent cards, players receive one domination coin and need two coins total to win the match.”

Risk Strike is available now, and it’s apparently sold by most major retailers for a retail price of $21.99 (£16.99).

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