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This is your last chance to back the RuneScape board game

Steamforged Games will soon close the Kickstarter pledge manager for its upcoming RuneScape board game, RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadows of Elvarg

Runescape board game last chance to back - image of Wizard mini from Steamforged Games

Publisher Steamforged Games has announced it’s closing the pledge manager for the RuneScape board game Kickstarter on October 28. This, then, is your last chance to back RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadows of Elvarg – the tabletop adaptation of the popular early-2000s MMORPG.

RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadows of Elvarg is a cooperative campaign-based board game. From our preview, we know players are tasked with completing quests and levelling up in order to face bosses in grid-based combat scenarios. Its design is heavy on nostalgia, looking to recreate many of the videogame’s beloved characters, events, and visuals. The Kickstarter models announced as part of the game are also reportedly the first official RuneScape miniatures ever.

Runescape board game last chance to back - image of all-in pledge from Steamforged Games

Backers can choose from a core pledge, a gameplay all-in pledge, and a deluxe all-in pledge. The core pledge offers the base game and one Kickstarter-exclusive expansion for $80 / £65. Meanwhile, the gameplay all-in ($150 / £122) adds three extra expansions – all of which can also be added to a pledge individually. The deluxe all-in ($195 / £159) includes limited-edition accessories like dice, game mats, and boss boards.

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