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Build a dream metropolis in the Santorini board game, now 36% off

Strategy board game, Santorini: New York is now available for just $19.29 on Amazon.

A cartoony version of the Statue of Liberty taken from the box of Santorini: New York.

For many strategy game fans, there’s no greater joy than building your own city. It’s supremely satisfying to watch all your different structures line up as your bustling metropolis starts to take shape. If this sounds like the kind of board game that’s right up your street (as it were), then Santorini could be the game for you – and right now, it’s just $19.29 on Amazon.

In this New York edition of the game, you and up to four other players race to build the biggest buildings in New York City. You may have all of your construction plans laid out in your head, but you’ll have to think strategically because you don’t know what your opponents are planning. You have to be responsive and to anticipate the moves of the other players. It’s one of those games that’s quite easy to learn, but if you scratch under the surface you’ll find a lot of nuance.

Santorini is a game that can be enjoyed by gamers of different experience levels. The simple premise means that children as young as eight years old should be able to enjoy playing it, but while this is the recommended minimum age, it’s by no means a game that’s just for kids. It’s a classic game that can be enjoyed by all ages.

We included Santorini in our best couples’ board games article and with Valentine’s Day now just a few weeks away, you can kickstart your date night plan with a brand new game to share.

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