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Star Wars Shatterpoint wargame joins X-Wing and Legion in 2023

A new Star Wars miniatures game, Star Wars Shatterpoint, is on the way from Star Wars Legion, X-Wing, and Armada creator Atomic Mass Games

Star Wars Shatterpoint - a miniatures tabletop game -Obi Wan and Anakin facing Count Dooku

Atomic Mass Games has announced it’s releasing yet another Star Wars miniatures game. Revealed on Wednesday, November 9, through a YouTube announcement, Star Wars: Shatterpoint is a miniatures skirmish game set during the Clone Wars. As you’d expect it features plenty of clones and droids, plus all your favourite Clone Wars characters like Darth Maul, Ahsoka, General Grievous, and Anakin.

Compared to Star Wars Legion, Shatterpoint looks to be more focused on characters and their accompanying squads than big set piece battles – and no vehicles appear in the game’s new trailer. According to Atomic Mass Games it’s inspired by Saturday morning cartoons, with high octane, high energy battles between heroes and villains. We detect a hint of Tartakovsky’s animated Clone Wars in the style of the miniature designs.

According to Will Shick, Head of Product Development, Star Wars Shatterpoint squads will battle over “narrative driven dynamic scenarios that are constantly changing and shifting as the battle progresses”.

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Star Wars Shatterpoint is launching in June 2023. Pre-orders open in January, and Atomic Mass Games plans to share more news about the game – from sculpts to character design – early next year. The company will also be demoing the game for the first time at AdeptiCon, Chicago in March.

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Tabletop fans with a love for the galaxy far, far away are now spoiled for choice – You’ve got X-Wing and Star Wars Armada if you like ships, Shatterpoint and Star Wars: Legion if you prefer characters. We need to start a petition for Atomic Mass Games to smoosh all its games into one over-the-top ruleset – imagine the chaos!