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Starfinder Enhanced revamps Pathfinder’s sci-fi sibling

Paizo announces new book for its science-fantasy tabletop RPG, Starfinder Enhanced, with better rules for spaceship battles and new options for every class

Starfinder Enhanced character classes

Paizo is releasing an enhanced edition of its science-fantasy TTRPG Starfinder. An equivalent of the Pathfinder Unchained book it put out for original Pathfinder a decade ago, Starfinder Enhanced is designed to provide new options for players, within the existing system.

Though it’s compatible with the current edition of Starfinder, Paizo says Starfinder Enhanced will revise “fundamentals” of the game, rebalancing and simplifying classes like the infamous Witchwarper, and adding rules for narrative starship combat and creature companions. It also introduces scalable weapons, so you can keep your second-hand lightsaber with its sentimental value rather than ditching it for something shiny, new, and stronger.

Replying to questions on its announcement Tweet made Tuesday, February 28, Paizo is very clear that Starfinder Enhanced won’t replace the Starfinder Core Ruleset, but is designed to be used alongside the current sourcebooks. The 192-page book features over 90 new feats and has new options for every Pathfinder class in the game.

Starfinder Enhanced book cover

The comparable Pathfinder product, Pathfinder Unchained came out near the end of Pathfinder 1e’s lifespan, releasing in 2015 (Paizo announced Pathfinder 2e in 2018). We have to wonder, therefore, if a Starfinder 2e will be voyaging this way in the next couple years.

Starfinder Enhanced is available for preorder now at Paizo’s website for $44.99. The company gives an approximate release date of October 18, 2023.

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