Classic Ticket to Ride board game gets San Francisco edition

Ticket to Ride San Francisco announced: the box of Ticket to Ride: San Francisco

Days of Wonder is releasing a new edition of its classic train track-building board game, Ticket to Ride, set in the city of San Francisco. Ticket to Ride: San Francisco arrives in June, and will initially be exclusive to the US, sold only at Target. It will launch worldwide in August.

In Ticket to Ride: San Francisco, players will be racing around the city using San Francisco’s iconic cable cars rather than trains. You’ll use playing pieces depicting the cars to link famous SF locations such as Pier 39 and The Golden Gate Bridge, aiming to complete routes and collect souvenirs. The inflatable aqua cable car never quite took off, so it looks like there’ll also be ferries, for crossing the bay to Alcatraz.

This is the fourth Ticket to Ride set in one city that board game publisher Days of Wonder has produced, after Ticket to Rides based in London, Amsterdam, and New York. Like the other three urban editions, Ticket to Ride: San Francisco is smaller than the base game. It’s a simplified version of the original, featuring shorter routes, and designed for fast-paced, 10-15 minute games.

According to a press release from Days of Wonder: “Ticket to Ride: San Francisco is the perfect entry point for newcomers. The game is designed for players over the age of eight, with easy-to-follow rules for the whole family.” Due to the more compact box, it also describes the game as “the perfect summer travel companion”.

Ticket to Ride San Francisco announced: The board and playing pieces laid out for Ticket to Ride: San Francisco

It adds that: “Despite the simple rules, Ticket to Ride: San Francisco is a uniquely strategic game that’s different every time you play.”

Ticket to Ride: San Francisco launches in June (or August if you’re outside the US) and will be priced at $24.99. We don’t yet know what it’ll cost when it crosses the pond.

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