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Be a 19th century supervillain in Victorian Masterminds, now half price

Steampunk board game Victorian Masterminds - by Antoine Bauza, designer of 7 Wonders and Takenoko - is now 50% off, just $24.95 from Amazon.

While we may despair at the current state of our world, at least we’re not living in the version of the 19th century presented in the board game Victorian Masterminds. In this dastardly historical game, you play as a supervillain, battling a horde of other supervillains for world supremacy – and if that sounds right up your street, you can grab you own copy for 50% off on Amazon.

The premise is simple: Sherlock Holmes has disappeared, leaving the world in peril (and we all know that the only thing that stopped civilisation from collapsing in the 1800s was the presence of Sherlock Holmes). Each player controls a team of henchmen, who travel around major cities to carry out your bidding.

The aim of the game is to complete the creation of your evil contraptions, with your agents collecting key items (e.g. stealing famous buildings) and preparing everything for your plans to take shape. The game either ends when one of you manages to finish building your evil machine, or, if you take too long, it ends with the Secret Services bringing an end to everyone’s villainy.

This is a game that can be played with two to four players and each game lasts for approximately one hour. Victorian Masterminds could be a great addition to your board game collection, so why not make it your first new game of 2022?

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