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Warhammer 40k setting writer banned from picking favourites

A new Games Workshop job post for a Warhammer 40k background writer asks for applicants who love every faction equally - you have one month to apply

Warhammer 40k background writer - artwork by Games Workshop of an Adeptus Astartes space marine in blue armour, wearing a red helmet and carrying a large, black boltrifle

Games Workshop listed a new job opportunity on their careers website on Monday, for a Warhammer 40k background writer, that is open to applications until 00:00 GMT on Wednesday January 4, 2023. The accompanying job description explains the responsibilities and challenges that come with the role, giving a glimpse into the often secretive world of the Games Workshop design studio. It tells us that the new background writer will be expected to approach the 40k setting without favouritism.

The new Warhammer 40k background writer will need to “write amazing stories and rich background text”, according to the job listing. The writer will be making content for “core books, Codexes, campaign books, Kill Team products and more”, and the listing specifies that they must have “the ability to get enthused about every Warhammer 40,000 faction with a total lack of bias”.

Warhammer 40k background writer - illustration by Warhammer Community showing Roboute Guilliman, a superhuman in power, and Szarekh, a silver robot, playing a tabletop wargame.

The ‘lack of bias’ specification may be to set expectations for applicants, so that everyone who applies has a well-rounded understanding of Warhammer 40k –  fans of the Space Marines faction who can’t stand the T’au need not apply. It may also be in there to placate 40k fans who aren’t writers but who are watching GW’s every move.

Warhammer 40k background writer - art by Games Workshop showing a battle between cyborg Skitarii and alien-human hybrid Genestealer cultists in a ruined cityscape.

The job post explains the new appointee will work as part of the Background Writing team, collaborating with the Games Design team and under the Lead Background Writer. Currently that’s Andy Clark, a Black Library author who has contributed some of the best Warhammer 40k books if you want to understand the current state of the setting, or some of its deepest lore. In particular, we’ll highlight ‘Celestine: the Living Saint’, which explores the role that faith in the Emperor of Mankind plays in Celestine’s supernatural powers. 

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