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Warhammer Black Friday deals: a full terrain setup in a box

TTCombat has previewed its new terrain bundles for Black Friday, and it’s packing a huge gothic Warhammer 40k cathedral ruin into a single box

TTCombat Warhammer 40k terrain bundle - TTcombat image showing MDF model of a ruined cathedral, made by TTCombat

British terrain and indie game maker TTCombat will offer a table’s worth of unofficial (but highly Warhammer 40k Sisters of Battle appropriate) terrain in a one-box bundle, this Black Friday. A blog post published on Tuesday reveals the company’s Black Friday promotions – which include several bumper terrain bundles as well as limited edition miniatures.

TTCombat’s ‘White Box’ tabletop terrain bundles have been a fixture of the company’s promotions for several years. Each White Box packs in a table full of MDF terrain for sci-fi, historical, or fantasy wargaming. No word yet on the price of this year’s bundles, but their offers in 2021 contained over $120 / £100 of products and had an RRP of $90 / £75.

TTCombat Warhammer 40k terrain bundle - TTcombat image showing MDF models of ruined buildings from a sci-fi gothic cathedral

The contents of the three TTCombat White Boxes so far revealed for Black Friday 2022 are:

  • Convent Ruins, a collection of gothic sci-fi cathedral buildings that will make a good staging post for your 40k Sisters of Battle collection.
  • Castle Bailey, which mixes ruined castle walls and towers with mediaeval buildings that will suit Age of Sigmar, Warcry, or DnD.
  • Fondamenta de la Grazia, a collection of Venetian piers and buildings for TTCombat’s skirmish game Carnevale.

In 2021, TTCombat released 11 white box bundles – so we’d guess there should be more to come. 

TTCombat Warhammer 40k terrain bundle - TTcombat image showing MDF model of a ruined pulpit from a cathedral

The White Box bundles go on sale on Black Friday, November 25 – but they’re not limited to the sale weekend, and will remain on sale until stocks are exhausted. If you’re in the USA you may be put off by the cost of importing goods from the UK but, with the UK pound’s value in the toilet now could be your chance to snag a real-terms bargain.

If you started your Sisters of Battle army and 40k terrain collection with Kill Team: Chalnath, the White Box deal could be the way to expand on your collection. 

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