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Fan turns Bloodborne boss into disturbing Warhammer 40k mini

Skilled mini-maker Evgeny Kirsanov created this note-perfect kitbash of Bloodborne boss Micolash to use as a Warhammer 40k Inquisitor

Warhammer 40k conversion of Bloodborne boss Micolash, host of the Nightmare, by Evgeny Kirsanov

This scratch-built Warhammer 40k mini version of Bloodborne boss Micolash, Host of the Nightmare, was created by hobbyist and full-time medical doctor Evgeny Kirsanov. Shared to his Instagram on March 2, Kirsanov will use the dreadful dream-wanderer as an Inquisitor for Warhammer 40k.

Kirsanov says that the only Games Workshop parts in the model are Stormcast Eternals greaves and Eldar weapons. The rest is a mixture of two modelling putties, Greenstuff and Apoxie sculpt. By mixing putties you combine their properties: greenstuff is rubbery and pliable when soft, while Apoxie is more claylike and easier to cut or file after it has cured.

Warhammer 40k conversion of Bloodborne boss Micolash, host of the Nightmare, by Evgeny Kirsanov

If you want to try sculpting yourself, Kirsanov says the key is to “practise” and “use drawing guides – for anatomy, clothes”. He says that sculpting the clean, straight lines of the ‘Mensis Cage’ – the elaborate headgear enclosing the Inquisitor’s head – was a matter of “practice, practice”.

Kirsanov’s lore for his Inquisitor Micolash is a little different from the ambiguous storytelling of the Bloodborne boss: he’s “director of the Mensis Somnology Institute”, a “radical and secretive” branch of the Inquisition that “literally defends humanity inside its dreams”.

Warhammer 40k conversion of Bloodborne boss - converted Leyndell Knight model by Evgeny Kirsanov

If you want to check out Kirsanov’s other projects, you can find him on Instagram as @pax_acrylica. He says his next project is another Inquisitor. This isn’t his first time merging From Software characters with a Warhammer 40k faction: he has an extremely elaborate Adeptus Mechanicus Kastelan Robot themed on the Leyndell Knights from Elden Ring.

Kirsanov’s style is rooted in the Inq28 tradition, a web community of Warhammer 40k and Warhammer fans who make elaborate conversions. Many indie miniature wargames have sprung out of that scene – last year we wrote about Necropolis28, a wargame that’s equal parts Warhammer and Dark Souls, and recently we featured ACOLYTE, a solo mode for Warhammer 40k Kill Team from the Inq28 scene. Later this year, Osprey Games is publishing The Doomed, an Inq28-inspired game that blends Warhammer 40k and Monster Hunter.