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10% of signed final Horus Heresy book snatched by scalpers

2,500 special edition copies of The End and the Death: Volume III went on sale on Saturday - 238 have ended up on eBay at a hefty markup.

Cover art from the final Horus Heresy book, The End and the Death Volume III - the Emperor of Mankind, a giant clad in gold, leaps upwards, armed with a golden talon and flaming sword

Almost 10% of the limited edition copies of The End and the Death: Volume III, the final Horus Heresy book, have been listed on eBay by scalpers, according to Wargamer’s analysis. 2,500 copies of the highly anticipated volume went on sale on the Games Workshop webstore on Saturday morning: at least 176 had been resold via eBay, and 62 are currently on sale, when Wargamer investigated on Monday.

The limited edition version of the hotly-anticipated final Horus Heresy book went up for pre-order for $80 (£50) at 10am on Saturday. Though copies won’t be delivered for weeks, scalpers are reselling their “confirmed pre-orders” already, for prices around $320-$380 (£250-£300).

Copies of The End and The Death Volume III, the final Horus Heresy book, limited edition, on sale on eBay.

The faux-leather bound limited edition is signed by revered Warhammer 40k author Dan Abnett, and – perhaps most importantly for collectors – matches the twelve other limited edition volumes that have been released for the Siege of Terra miniseries which caps off the Horus Heresy saga.

Demand for this book was so high that the Games Workshop webstore’s queue system – intended to manage extremely high traffic volumes – came into effect throughout Saturday. Customers faced waits of up to one hour, whether they wanted the coveted volume, or were just stopping by for some more Space Marines and paints for miniatures.

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This makes two weeks running when customers have grappled with queues and limited stock for an in-demand item. Pre-orders for Warhammer: the Old World, the new edition of Games Workshop’s classic game of fantasy battles, opened on Saturday January 6. High demand items, including the rulebook, reference cards, and core sets for Tomb Kings and the Kingdom of Bretonnia, all sold out on day one of the pre-order window.

As Wargamer reported earlier this month, Games Workshops broke revenue and profit records in the first half of financial year 2023-24. Games Workshop is considering its options to build a fourth factory on its main site in Nottingham, UK, but this will not have any impact on its ability to produce Warhammer 40k books and limited editions, which are handled externally.