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First look at new wave of Warhammer 40k Horus Heresy marines

A resin upgrade kit will let Horus Heresy players build Despoiler squads - but GW hints that more plastic infantry is “in production” already

Warhammer 40k Horus Heresy legion despoiler squad Blood Angel marine - model photography by Games Workshop of a warrior in red power armour, wielding a chainsword and bolt pistol

Games Workshop has revealed another Warhammer 40k Horus Heresy marine unit kit, and hints that “more plastic infantry is in production”. A Warhammer Community post published this Thursday unveiled new resin upgrade parts that turn the MkVI Tactical Squad into a Legion Despoiler Squad.

The article says that the forthcoming Despoiler Squad upgrade kit contains parts to convert five MkVI Space Marines to wield chainswords and bolt pistols, one to wield a two-handed chainsword, and one to carry a power axe. The upgrade pack will be released by Forge World “soon” – we estimate it is likely to cost around $18 / £15 GBP.

Warhammer 40k Horus Heresy legion despoiler squad Blood Angel marine - product photography by Games Workshop of the contents of the Despoiler Squad upgrade kit, five power armoured arms holding bolt pistols, five power armoured arms holding chainswords, one holding a power axe, a pair of arms holding a heavy chainsword

You’ll need two upgrade packs to field a minimum-strength Despoiler Squad. The weapons in it are used by several other units – they would work on a Veteran Tactical Squad or a Night Lords Terror Squad.

Though the article promises that this resin upgrade kit doesn’t preclude more plastic infantry, Games Workshop hasn’t specified which units will make the transition to plastic. Plastic upgrade kits have already been released that let you create Space Marine Heavy Support squads and Tactical Support Squads from the MK VI Legion Tactical Squad kit.

Last year we crossed our fingers and toes and wished for an Assault Squad in Mk V ‘Heresy’ armour. An Assault Squad seems probable for a new plastic kit, though we reluctantly admit that Mk VI armour is more likely than Mk V at this point.

The WarCom article only promises “infantry”, not “Space Marine infantry”, which means the other Warhammer 40k factions aren’t ruled out. It’s possible we’ll get plastic Adeptus Mechanicus Thallax cyborgs, or proto-Astra Militarum Solar Auxilia.

It’s a golden time for fans of the Age of Darkness, with lots of shiny new models making the leap from resin to plastic for the first time, including ancient archeotech like jetbikes and super-heavy tanks – not to mention the epic Horus Heresy book series drawing to an apocalyptic crescendo in the Siege of Terra series.