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A fan’s made a Warhammer 40k Imperial Knight from cardboard

A crafty Warhammer 40k fan made their own version of a Cerastus Knight-Lancer, using only cardboard for their Warhammer Imperial Knight mini

Warhammer 40k imperial knight cardboard: An imperial cerestus knight-lancer made entirely from cardboard.

Ever feel like plastic is so last millennium? This Warhammer 40k fan seems to have forsaken the stuff. Their new favourite miniatures material? Why, cardboard, of course! Reddit user Quankster020 says they spent five months putting together their own version of an Imperial Knight, which they shared on the r/Warhammer40k subreddit on Wednesday. Their homemade model is astonishingly intricate, given that the entire thing is constructed entirely from glue and pieces of cardboard.

Quankster020 has lovingly rendered this very faithful recreation of a Cerastus Knight-Lancer, an Imperial Knight model that costs $330/£214.50 from Forge World if you want it in resin. Every detail in this cardboard reconstruction is in place, from the machinery on the mech’s back to the flag that dangles from its crotch. The model-maker has even put care and effort into the base. Their papery juggernaut stomps towards its foes across debris and ruined buildings.

When asked by another redditor how they achieved this work of art, Quankster020 was succinct: “Basically just cutting out shapes and gluing them together,” they said. As easy as that, eh?

Quankster020 says they’ve no plans to paint their Imperial Knight model at present, preferring to leave it bare and cardboard-coloured.

They did have some advice to share for those inspired by their work and looking to get crafty with cardboard, however. They said to achieve smooth curves, they used paper that blends in with the cardboard, stuck over a cardboard cut-out of the relevant shape which ensures it stays rigid and sturdy.

When asked for a more detailed materials list, Quankster020 could not recall exactly what they’d used. “I’m not really sure, some kind of craft cardboard I think,” they said.

We’re sorely tempted to start our own cardboard 40k creations. But if you want to improve your regular Warhammer craft, you may need our painting miniatures guide. Also, here are the best paints for miniatures, so you know what’s worth slapping on your models.