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Fan wires up Warhammer 40k Votann tanks for remote control

The Leagues of Votann are the most technologically advanced Warhammer 40k human faction - even more so when wired up with RC lights and motors

Warhammer 40k Leagues of Votann remote controlled Hekaton Land Fortress - a model tank converted by redditor Zekrys to contain LED lights and motorised wheels

These remote controlled Warhammer 40k Leagues of Votann tanks are the work of redditor u/Zekryn. The fan has been documenting their progress wiring up their model collection on the r/Warhammer40k Reddit board since January, as they’ve added LEDs, motors, and arduino circuit boards to the Votann’s blocky tanks.

So far Zekryn has shared videos of a remote control Hekaton Land Fortress, two Sagitaur ATVs, and even an Einhyr warrior with a flickering LED powerblade. The tanks have motorised wheels, LEDs for internal lights on weapons or in cockpits, and turret guns that traverse on their mountings.

Votann Sagitaur with motors for the turrets ( and LEDs )
by u/Zekryn in Warhammer40k

The lights and motors in Zekryn’s tanks are controlled by Arduino microcontrollers, according to their reddit posts. Zekryn says “it’s easy to add LEDs, motors and whatever you want” to these boards, and the microcontrollers they use come with Bluetooth connections so they can be controlled remotely from a mobile phone.

Update ?: Land Fortress almost done testing the Camera ( top right )
by u/Zekryn in LeaguesofVotann

The Leagues of Votann are the newest Warhammer 40k faction, an offshoot of humanity that was never part of the Imperium of Man and which preserves much advanced technology the rest of the species has lost. It seems fitting that this army should receive such a high-tech upgrade.

Update 8: Hekaton Land Fortress long test run with LEDs on ( No doggo was harmed)
by u/Zekryn in Warhammer40k

This isn’t the first elaborate Warhammer 40k tank conversion project we’ve seen, and we suspect it won’t be the last. In February, we covered a remote controlled Space Marine Razorback created by the YouTuber Brent Goudie, and on Monday we spotted an Adeptus Custodes fan who’d plated a Land Raider in 24 carat gold.