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Warhammer 40k points update leaves Ratlings wildly overcosted

With a new competitive season starting, GW has updated Warhammer 40k points values - but they seem to have broken the dial when they got to Ratlings

Warhammer 40k points update ratlings overcosted - product photographs by Games Workshop of a ratling sniper, a small humanoid with a rifle, facing off against a Deathshroud terminator, an eight-foot-tall, daemonically mutated, armour-clad warrior with a huge powerscythe

The latest Warhammer 40k points update from GW means that diminutive Ratling snipers now cost 50 points per model. The points change, which dropped in the Munitorum Field Manual on December 5, makes the Warhammer 40k equivalent of hobbits more expensive to field than many superhuman warriors and alien monstrosities.

Ratlings now cost more than twice as many points as a Primaris Space Marine, an eight-foot-tall genetically enhanced super-soldier with two hearts and adamantium bonded to his muscle fibres. They cost exactly as much as a Deathshroud Terminator. Deathshroud Terminators are elite Chaos Space Marines of the Death Guard Legion, the most trusted agents of the Daemon Primarch Mortarion, clad in armour that can stop tank munitions, blessed with supernatural resilience by the Warhammer 40k Chaos God Nurgle.

Warhammer 40k points update - product photograph by Games Workshop of three ratling snipers, three short humanoids in military uniform carrying rifles.

Five Ratling snipers now cost as much as a Space Marines Repulsor Executioner (a highly advanced, anti-grav tank hunter), as much as an Astra Militarum Rogal Dorn battle tank, and more points than the Tyranids’ Swarmlord (a colossal, four-armed, biological death machine).

Ratlings are a classic Warhammer 40k race and a part of the Imperium of Man, one of the many parts of the setting that come from taking a fantasy creature and putting it in space. Think of Ratlings as sci-fi hobbits, complementing the Orks (Orcs), Eldar (Elves), and Ogryn (Ogres).

We assume these points for Ratlings are a typo that will be adjusted in due course.