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New Warhammer 40k Space Marine dreadnought just wants to hug

GW revealed the Brutalis Dreadnought at the Las Vegas Open preview, along with missile marines and - of course - a Primaris Lieutenant

Games Workshop previewed a new, close-combat equipped Warhammer 40k Space Marine Dreadnought at the Las Vegas Open preview on January 27, when it unveiled the Strike Force Agastus box set. As well as the new ‘Brutalis’ dreadnought, Strike Force Agastus will also see the debut of new ‘Desolation Squad’ Primaris Space Marines with long-range missile launchers, and a new, multipart, Primaris Lieutenant.


The Brutalis Dreadnought is a close-combat counterpart to the existing Redemptor Dreadnought, though it’s not just a weapons swap – the Brutalis has additional armour plates on its hips, groin, and knees. This could mean extra Wounds or extra Toughness, though GW hasn’t provided any information about game stats yet.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine Dreadnought - Brutalis Dreadnought product photographs by GW, showing a walker vehicle with massive claws

Armed with a choice of clampy ‘brutalis fists’ or slicing ‘brutalis claws’ plus torso-mounted heavy bolters or multi-meltas, this is a front-line fighter. Though it looks a lot like the Blood Angels‘ unique Furioso dreadnought, according to the LVO live stream preview the Brutalis can be taken in any Space Marines army.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine desolation squad - closeup on a missile-launcher armed Primaris space marine

The Desolation Squad are armed with “indirect-fire castellan launchers”, according to the Warhammer Community article that accompanied the live stream, as well as a choice of superfrag or superkrak rocket launchers – the wording of the WarCom article and the live stream suggest that the precise missile loadout needs to be chosen when you build your list, not when you fire the guns.

The Hammerfall Bunker is already armed with superfrag and superkrak missiles, so we know what they’re going to be like: superfrag fires 2d6 shots per round while superkrak is a Heavy 2, Strength 10 anti-tank weapon. Depending on points cost, these should be a terrifying addition to ranged Space Marines *cough* Iron Hands *cough*.

Warhammer 40k Space Marines - hammerfall bunker missile weapon profiles

Unlike the Space Marines’ current anti-tank infantry of choice, Eliminators, the Devastation Squad wear Tacticus rather than heavier Gravis power armour, and seem to come in units of five to ten models.

Strike Force Agastus will also contain a new Primaris Lieutenant model packed with multipart options, including a power fist and plasma pistol. The preview shows there’ll be five heavy intercessors in the box as well.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine Strike Force Agastus box set contents

Anyone who was around near the end of 8th edition 40k may remember the Shadowspear box set, which introduced Phobos class Primaris Space Marines to the Warhammer 40k faction shortly before the edition ended… another reason to speculate that Warhammer 40k 10th edition can’t be far away.