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Warhammer 40k Tyranid fleshborers just got deadlier (and grosser)

The upcoming Warhammer 40,000 Tyranids codex includes new rules for the Fleshborer weapon, which shoots gross, flesh-eating bug bullets

Warhammer 40k fleshborer rules update - Termagant army miniatures

What could be more gross than a gun shooting flesh-hungry bugs that burrow through skin? Ones that can do it from a distance, that’s what. Fans of Warhammer 40k Tyranids may already be familiar with the fleshborer weapon if they’re fond of deploying Termagants and Gargoyles, but the upcoming Tyranids codex introduces new rules that make these bug-shooters even more powerful.

According to a Warhammer Community post on Tuesday, fleshborers will be granted six inches extra Range in the new Codex (for a new total of 18 inches), alongside a one-point Strength boost to S5 (from S4), and an extra pip of Armour Penetration, making them AP -1. Termagant and Gargoyle units will also benefit from new buffs when used as core units. The Tyranid leader Hive Tyrant has a new ‘Will of the Hive Mind’ ability that gives your chosen unit the ability to re-roll hit rolls of one, for example.

Warhammer Community also revealed an updated version of the Tyranids’ Scorch Bugs Stratagem, a battle tactic which allows your horrible beastie bullets to shoot even further. Activated in the Shooting Phase, it’ll now let you pick a Hive Tendril unit from your army to give another six inches of Range and +1 Strength to units equipped with fleshborers – allowing huge numbers of these formerly unloved trooper guns to fire at 24-inch range, Strength 6, and AP-1, in a hail of bio-fire that even WarCom calls “frankly disgusting”.

While these buffs give you the chance to deal some decent damage to your opponent, there is a cost to all that power. A unit with 16 or more models – or the ‘Monster’ keyword – will have to pay two Command Points to use Scorch Bugs, while all other units only pay one.

Warhammer 40k fleshborer rules update - new vs old stats

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