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Warhammer 40k gets a Bulbasaur with this cute living Tyranid

YouTuber ArbitorIan transformed the Warhammer 40k Tyranid Pscyhophage mini into Pokemon Bulbasaur’s terrifying cousin using a live houseplant.

Warhammer 40k Tyranids bulbasaur conversion by ArbitorIan - a converted Tyranid psychophage model with a live succulent plant growing from its abdomen

This Warhammer 40k Tyranid conversion uses a live succulent plant to transform the Psychophage mini from the Leviathan box set into a monstrous living Pokémon. Warhammer 40k lore YouTuber ArbitorIan explained how he created the ‘Bulbanid’ in a video uploaded at the start of June.

First, ArbitorIan “chopped off all the spore chimneys and hollowed out the middle” of the Tyranid miniature. He removed the model’s internal struts, built up the opening he’d cut using greenstuff, painted the miniature, and applied “many, many layers of varnish”. He’s picked a vibrant green and teal paint scheme for his take on the Warhammer 40k faction.

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Ian lined the abdomen with a perforated plastic bag to allow water to drain through, filled it with potting soil and pebbles, then added the succulent. When Wargamer checked in with Ian on Sunday, the plant was still thriving! You can find more of his creations, and more varied videos on his YouTube channel.

When Games Workshop first revealed the Warhammer 40k 10th edition launch box set contents, reaction to the Psychophage was decidedly mixed. Some fans pointed out the similarity in its silhouette to the Chaos Space Marines Venom Crawler.

Otherse, like Ian, were decidedly more enthusiastic. When editor Alex got his hands on the Leviathan box he was so excited by the new minis that he’s written up a whole article about painting Tyranids, evangelising about Contrast Paints and speed painting.