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Warhammer 40k content coming in World of Tanks battle pass

Warhammer 40k will be at the heart of the World of Tanks Season VIII Battle Pass, which gives players the opportunity to unlock three exclusive new characters

Warhammer 40k ultramarines as seen in the World of Tanks Season VII Battle Pass trailer.

Warhammer 40k fans who also take a fancy to WW2 games will be delighted to hear that a crossover event is coming in the World of Tanks Season VIII Battle Pass. This isn’t the first time that the universes of World of Tanks and Warhammer 40k have collided, but it offers new content and is sure to be exciting.

The event will see players battling it out on the grimdark battlefields of the Warhammer 40k universe, with three exclusive commanders available to unlock for anybody who is able to complete the chapters of the battle pass. This otherworldly change of scenery is sure to mix things up and provide a nice break from the usual real-world locales.

If you’ve never tried World of Tanks before, now could be the ideal time to get into it. The Season VIII Battle Pass starts at the beginning of June and runs through to the end of August. Starting today can help you to get to grips with the game before the Warhammer 40k event begins.

The three Warhammer 40k commanders who can be unlocked through this battle pass are as follows:

  • Volusad Thassius: a Lieutenant in the Ultramarines Second Company.
  • Dolgoth Sepk: Champion of the Death Guard.
  • Kroglin da Facegrinda: Mek of the Evil Sunz Clan

Each commander comes with what may prove to be some of the best tanks in World of Tanks, with each one reflecting the faction that the commander represents. No doubt, fans who unlock them will be pleased to represent their favourite factions long after the Season VII Battle Pass has ended.

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