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Warhammer Age of Sigmar battlescroll is a rebalancing bonanza

Games Workshop has released a new battlescroll for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, with points changes affecting units from a ton of different factions

Warhammer Age of Sigmar battlescroll october 2022 - Squigs from the gloomspite gitz fighting nurgle cavalry

On October 27, Games Workshop released a new Age of Sigmar Battlescroll, with rules updates intended to rebalance the game.

Along with a few tweaks to specific rules for the Gloomspite Gitz, Orruk Warclans, and Beasts of Chaos, Games Workshop has made sweeping changes to many factions’ points values, to try to bring every Age of Sigmar army up to snuff. Its aim, as previously stated, is for each and every every army to achieve an average win rate of between 45 – 55%.

The main armies that have benefitted here are Stormcast Eternals and Gloomspite Gitz, with nine or ten units from each army made cheaper. The Gitz were in a particularly dire spot, and as for the Stormcast… well, it was a little embarrassing that the poster boys of Age of Sigmar were rather ineffectual in the actual game.

Other armies that have gotten points discounts include:

That’s pretty much everything that fell below 50% in the September 2022 metawatch (and also Cities of Sigmar, who were doing alright already, but have had many of their monsters discounted). It does seem like Ogor Mawtribes and Slaves to Darkness have been cruelly snubbed, however.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar battlescroll october 2022 - stats showing how every age of sigmar army has performed recently.

Meanwhile Maggotkin of Nurgle, Seraphon, and Beasts of Chaos all had their points raised. Nurgle’s lovely lads were hit particularly hard, with five units from their roster all becoming more pricey.

You can download the latest Age of Sigmar battlescroll here, to check out the changes for yourself.