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New killer robots from Mars enter the Warhammer mini range

Games Workshop reveals a warhost of new plastic kits for Mechanicum cyborgs, war robots, and tanks, for Warhammer: the Horus Heresy

A giant red robot, a Warhammer: Horus Heresy era Thanatar Cavas servo-automata, equipped with a huge plasma mortar on its right shoulder and two enormous bolt cannons on its left gauntlet

Games Workshop has revealed a whole host of new plastic kits for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy, with a huge chunk of the Mechanicum army making the leap from resin to plastic.

The Mechanicum is the precursor to the Adeptus Mechanicus Warhammer 40k faction which was active during the Great Crusade and then the Horus Heresy. It’s already fully supported with rules for the Warhammer: The Horus Heresy wargame, but up until now all its units have only been available as expensive, resin-cast minis.

The new models were revealed during a Warhammer preview stream on both Twitch and the Warhammer Community website on Saturday. Games Workshop revealed the contents of a new Battle Group box set, plus two new standalone kits.

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The new plastic Mechanicum Battle Group will contain:

  • Thallax x 6
  • Adsecularis Tech Thralls x 20
  • Castellax Automata x 2
  • Triaros Armored Conveyor x 1

Warhammer the Horus Heresy Mechanicum Archmagos Prime

There will also be a new plastic kit for an Archmagos Prime – a Mechanicum leader – and the enormous Thanatar Cavas automata

Warhammer the Horus Heresy Mechanicum Thallax autaomata unit

Thallax are the mainstay forces of the Mechanicum. They are technically a strain of Skitarii, their Lorica carapace concealing the mushy internal organs of a human being within a heavily armored shell.

Warhammer the Horus Heresy Mechanicum Adsecularis Tech Thralls

Adsecularis tech-thralls are extremely low grade servitors repurposed from menial labor into military service. What they lack in military capability and free will they make up for in mind-blanked discipline.

Warhammer the Horus Heresy Mechanicum Triaros armored conveyor

The Triaros Armored Conveyor is an enormous personnel carrier built to survive the constant dust-storms and radiation waves of Mars. Its ram-shaped prow is fitted with an electrodischarge array capable of electrocuting mortals and smashing through enemy vehicles.

Warhammer the Horus Heresy Mechanicum Castellax

Castellax Automata are the precursors to Castellan Robots from Warhammer 40k, huge armored constructs with a human brain providing the wetware computation component.

Warhammer the Horus Heresy Mechanicum Thanatar-Cavas Siege Automata

The Thanatar is a considerably larger big brother to the Castellax, equipped with a colossal Plasma Bombard mortar.

The Mechanicum can be fielded as their own, standalone faction, or as allies, in games of Horus Heresy. Certain Space Marine legions Rites of War allow them to include these units within their army lists.

Got a hankering for the servants of the red planet and can’t wait for these kits? We recommend you check out Mechanicus, one of the best Warhammer 40k games out there, which stars the priests of Mars.