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GW reveals a whole new plastic Horus Heresy miniature range

The Solar Auxilia, the unlucky human infantry of the Imperial Army during the Horus Heresy, are making the leap from resin to plastic.

Horus Heresy plastic Solar Auxilia captain

Games Workshop has revealed the first models from a new plastic Horus Heresy miniature range, the Solar Auxilia, at the Las Vegas Open Warhammer convention on Thursday. They would also make stunning variant models for a Warhammer 40k Astra Militarum force.

The first new models from the range will debut in the Solar Auxilia Battle Group bundle, and three further kit boxes. Games Workshop hasn’t yet revealed a price or a launch date for Battle Group box, but the similarly named Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes Battle Group retailed for $210 (£125).

The Solar Auxilia Battle Group will contain plastic kits for 28 models, consisting of:

  • Lasrifle Section x 20
  • Tactical Command section x 5
  • Dracosan Armored Transport x 1
  • Leman Russ Strike Tank x 1
  • Aethon Heavy Sentinel x 1

The rules for Solar Auxilia already exist, so we know that this boxed set doesn’t provide a full army, but it does make a fully functional allied detachment for another force.

Horus Heresy plastic Solar Auxilia Lasrifle Section, infantry in bulky armor with lasrifles

The Lasrifle Section is the backbone of the Solar Auxilia, 20 baseline humans in void armor, wielding long ranged lasrifles.

Horus Heresy plastic Solar Auxilia captain

The Tactical Command Section contains an Auxilia Captain and his command staff, and gets the pick of the best weaponry in the force.

Horus Heresy plastic Solar Auxilia Dracosan Armored Transport

The Dracosan Armored Transport can move a full Lasrifle Section into position, and is equipped with tank-hunting hull-mounted twin-lascannons as standard. Alternatively, it can sacrifice some of its transport capacity to replace its lascannons with a heavy demolisher cannon.

Horus Heresy plastic Solar Auxilia Aethon Heavy Sentinel, a war walker with missile racks and a back mounted main gun

The Aethon Heavy Sentinel is a new vehicle that has never had a 28mm scale model, though teeny-tiny versions of the walker made their appearance in the Legions Imperialis starter set. The new multipart model is packed with a variety of missile options and back-mounted main gun.

Horus Heresy plastic Solar Auxilia Leman Russ Strike tank with a vanquisher turret

The Leman Russ Strike Tank is a very similar vehicle in the 30th millennium to the one fielded by the Imperial Guard in the 41st millennium. The ‘Strike’ configuration can be equipped with a main battle cannon, Vanquisher anti-tank cannon, twin lascannons, or twin autocannon.

As well as the Solar Auxilia Battle Group, Games Workshop revealed three more plastic kits:

Horus Heresy plastic Solar Auxilia Leman Russ Assault Tank with a demolisher turret

The Leman Russ Assault Tank uses the same chassis as the Strike Tank but has the option to use short-ranged weaponry including the heavy bore demolisher cannon, infantry-flaying volkite demi-culverin, or exterminator plasma cannon.

Horus Heresy plastic Solar Auxilia Malcador heavy tank

The Malcador Heavy Tank is larger and sturdier than the Leman Russ. Equipped with similar main ordnance, it can also equip sponson weaponry, and its front hull mount can be upgraded to a demolisher cannon for siege engagements.

Horus Heresy plastic Solar Auxilia Veletaris Storm Section, infantry in heavy armor with ray guns

The Veletaris Storm Section are elites among the already elite Solar Auxilia. The new kit will have options to equip them with powerful short-range volkite chargers , or two-handed storm axes.

The Solar Auxilia were the best human infantry fielded by the Imperial Army during the Horus Heresy. They use many of the same vehicles as the Astra Militarum of the 41st Millennium, but their basic infantry are more heavily armed and armored.

Until now, Solar Auxilia models have only been available in the expensive and difficult to work with Forge World resin material. Given that the Auxilia are a far more numerous infantry force than the elite Space Marines, this made them a painfully expensive army to collect.

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If you want to get started collecting plastic Solar Auxilia and don’t care about the scale, they’re already available for Legions Imperialis – check out our Legions Imperialis review to see why we think it’s worth your while.