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A new King leads the Dwarfs into Warhammer The Old World

Games Workshop has revealed a veritable throng of Warhammer the Old World Dwarf releases, with returning minis lead by four new hero kits.

Warhammer the Old World Dwarf King in fine armor carried aloft by shieldbearers

Games Workshop has revealed that the Dwarfs will be the next Warhammer: The Old World faction to receive new and re-released miniatures. The firm showed off new models, including a Dwarf King born aloft by his shield bearers, during an Adepticon preview Stream on Wednesday, as well as a range of returning miniatures.

The Warhammer Dwarfs will also receive an Arcane Compendium supplement, which includes additional background, rules for special characters, and variant Armies of Infamy. Given the lineup of kits GW plans to put back into production, it looks likely that the fan-favorite Slayer army from the 6th edition Storm of Chaos campaign will be back.

New Warhammer Dwarf models

There are four new Warhammer Dwarf models in the release. There’s a plastic character kit which builds both a Dwarf King with shield bearers and a Dwarf Thane. One or the other of the King and Thane will be armed with a great weapon, the other with a hand weapon and shield.

Two new Forge World resin character kits are on the way: a Dwarf Thane with a handgun, and a new character model for Ungrim Ironfist, the future Slayer King of the Ironhold.

Returning Warhammer Dwarf kits

The most recent plastic Dwarf infantry kits will return to production. The Dwarf Warriors can be built with hand weapons and shields or great weapons, while another box can be built as crossbow-wielding Quarrelers, as handgun wielding Thunderers, and even as Dwarf Rangers.

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The first place you can get these iconic Dwarfs when they return to production will be a new Dwarfen Mountain Holds battalion box, which will contain:

  • Dwarf Warriors x 32
  • Dwarf Quarrelers, Thunderers, or Rangers x 32
  • Dwarf gyrocopters / gyrobombers x 2

Games Workshop is also rereleasing a variety of other models in a variety of other materials. Some of these will be available on a made to order basis only, and Games Workshop hasn’t firmed up prices or release dates yet.

Model Material Made to order?
Dwarf Miners Plastic No
 Ironbreakers / Irondrakes Plastic No
Hammerers / Longbeards Plastic No
 Slayer of Legend Plastic No
King on Oathstone Plastic No
Runesmith Plastic No
Gyrocopter / gyrobomber Plastic No
Dwarf cannon / organ gun Plastic No
Dwarf Command set (lord, Thane with Battle Standard, Slayer of Legend) Forge World Resin No
Grudge Thrower Metal No
Anvil of Doom Metal No
Flame Cannon Metal No
Master Engineers Metal No
Bolt Thrower Metal No
Slayers Metal No
Slayer Command Metal No
Doom Seekers Metal No
Goblin-Hewer Metal No
Imperial Dwarfs and Command Metal No
Bugman’s Cart Metal No
Prince Ulther and command Unclear Yes
Prince Ulther’s Warriors Unclear Yes
Lords x 5 Metal Yes
Runesmiths x 3 Metal Yes
Dragon and Daemon slayers Metal Yes
Dwarf Queen Metal Yes
Lord, Thane, and Standard Bearer Forge World resin Yes

We’ll call out a few points of interest from this list. Prince Ulther’s Dragon Company is a Regiment of Renown released in 1987, making it older than the author. It won’t have rules in the Arcane Compendium, but will have rules packaged in with the kit that make it available as a mercenary to both the Dwarfs and the Empire of Man.

Classic Warhammer THe Old World Dwarf models, Prince Ulther and his command

The returning Doom Seekers and Goblin-Hewer will be particularly welcome for Dwarf collectors. Released for the 2004 Storm of Chaos global participation campaign, these models have fairly fragile parts that mean getting complete kits on the second hand market is a nightmare.

Dwarf players will surely be happy their kits are arriving before the wretched Wood Elves. Wargamer is covering the hottest Warhammer news from Adepticon – have you seen the new Chaos Space Marines Lords?