Limited edition Warhammer map blankie costs as much as an army

The Limited Edition Merch Collector’s Box celebrates the release of Warhammer: The Old World, and costs almost as much as a core set.

Warhammer the Old World limited edition blanket, with a large money bag emoji (a yellow bag with a dollar sign) on top

Do you love Warhammer the Old World so much that you want to wrap yourself up in it? You do? Weird flex, but okay; we’ve got some good, and bad, news for you. Games Workshop has revealed a limited edition Warhammer map blankie, on sale until 3.59pm PT / 6.59pm ET / 11.59pm GMT on January 21 – but the only way to get it is in a merch bundle that costs $185 (£144.99).

According to a Warhammer Community post on Thursday, the bundle is being offered to celebrate the upcoming Warhammer: The Old World release on January 20. It is already on sale from the Warhammer Merch website.

The bundle also contains “a premium cotton T-shirt and double-print hoodie featuring exclusive designs from the game, a dice bag emblazoned with the logo of The Old World setting”. The map blankie is not being sold separately.

Warhammer The Old World limited edition merch bundle, a box labelled Warhammer The Old World, with a folded map blanket, folded hoodie with a picture of a Warhammer, folded black t-shirt with a discreet hammer logo, and a black dice pouch with blue hammer logo

How dedicated are you to feelings of snugginess, and to that specific map of that specific fantasy setting? For the cost of the merch bundle, you could start a collection of one of the two flagship Warhammer: The Old World factions. The Tomb Kings core set costs $290 (£175) and the Kingdom of Bretonnia core set $255 (£155), each of them packing a fully playable army with dozens of returning miniatures and a new centerpiece model.

If we deduct the cost of the included rulebook from those core set prices, $70 (£42.50), you pretty much have price parity between the model collections in the core sets and the merch collector’s box. That said, as both core sets sold out on the Games Workshop webstore on the first day of pre-orders, so until Games Workshop is able to cast more of the miniatures and print more of the boxes, the comparison is strictly theoretical.

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Disappointed by Games Workshop’s seeming inability to keep up with customer demand? As we reported on Tuesday, demand for Warhammer (particularly Warhammer 40k 10th edition) has been at record levels in the first half of financial year 2023-24. You might take heart from the news that the company is also evaluating opening a fourth factory on its site in Nottingham – see our article for details.