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Party game Wavelength is now free to play on mobile

Board game creator CMYK games has released a free, ad-free mobile app for its tabletop game Wavelength

Wavelength app released trailer mobile app image

Popular party board game Wavelength is now available as a free standalone mobile app. Now that it’s gone digital, Wavelength can be a completely remote experience – with original creator Alex Hague telling Reddit that Wavelength can now be played “wherever your friends are: on video calls, IRL…anywhere!”.

Wavelength is a social guessing game, published by Quacks of Quedlinburg maker CMYK games, that involves rotating the needle of a dial to correctly identify a secret location. In a group of two or more players, everyone takes turns being the ‘Psychic’ – the one person who knows the secret location on the dial. The Psychic then draws two cards with opposing words on (think ‘light’ and ‘dark’), and they must say a word that hints at the correct dial location. The closer the team gets to the correct location, the more everybody scores.

Interestingly, the Wavelength app isn’t just free to play – according to CMYK, it’s also completely ad-free. The Wavelength team has also provided additional content for the app. There are 50 new cards exclusive to the new mobile version, and players can earn achievements and customise avatars to keep things personal when playing remotely. It’s not yet clear how – or if – CMYK intends to monetise Wavelength’s new version, or how the arrival of a free mobile app might affect sales of the physical original (currently with an RRP of $39.99 / £29.99 on Amazon).

To play Wavelength digitally, all players will need to download the app. It offers cross-platform play, though – so if you’re the one Android user in a family of iOS systems, you can still join in. The app also comes with a ‘how to play’ feature for anyone who hasn’t tried the original board game.

Though perhaps known for classic push-your-luck board game The Quacks of Quedlinburg, CMYK has had increasing success with other party board games like Monikers and The Fuzzies.

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