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Streamer brings Yugioh monsters to life and it’s just like the anime

A French streamer has created a setup that allows him to bring Yugioh monsters to life as animated 3D models that hover above his cards

Yugioh Trading Card Game - a streamer playing yugioh with hologram models of the cards floating in front of the players

French streamer Super Zouloux has fulfilled the childhood dream of every Yugioh fan who played the game or watched the show as a kid. He’s created a setup in which each card he lays down is brought to life, as if by magic, in the form of an animated 3D model.

It seems this is not done with holograms, or sorcery, but with sensors, camera magic, and the Elagato Stream Deck. Super Zouloux’s setup senses when a card is laid down, and the camera angle switches to display it being summoned to the field, then back to show the board. This wicked AR system adds a unique and exciting dynamic to his Yugioh streams.

American esports YouTube reporter Jake Lucky explains the setup took seven months to craft, adding: “He has programmed each and every card in his deck, through several applications to automatically display each monster and to even change cameras after the animation is done…

Yugioh Trading Card Game - a streamer playing yugioh with a hologram blue-eyes white dragon on the board.

Lucky also says Zouloux plans to stream Yugioh with this setup once a month. As it seems every card needs a custom-tailored animation, it obviously takes a heck of a lot of work.

But it’s also obviously worth it. Even if you don’t speak a word of French, it’s well worth checking out the video below, just to see the joy this streamer takes from seeing his creation in action.

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“Today, I am very happy to be able to say: I did it,” he says, in this Twitter video, before cackling with childlike glee, as Blue-Eyes White Dragon rises up onto the board.

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