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Age of Sigmar balance update buffs struggling Orruk Ironjawz

The latest Age of Sigmar pitched battle profiles give big points discounts to the brutish Orruks, while taxing Kharadrons and Seraphon.

Age of Sigmar balance update boosts Orruk Ionjawz - a large pig covered in yellow and black armor, ridden by a huge Orruk

Games Workshop has released the latest Age of Sigmar balance update, releasing new pitched battle profiles with updated points costs for many factions. Tournament fans have eagerly awaited the release, which arrives later than expected.

Depending on whose statistics you look at, Age of Sigmar is in a relatively healthy position from a competitive standpoint, with almost all factions achieving win rates between 45-55%. Games Workshop’s periodic balance updates aim to tuck the outliers back into the range, giving points discounts to Age of Sigmar armies that need a hand up, and a kick in the teeth for factions winning a little too often.

You can find the full Pitched Battle profiles over at the Warhammer Community website.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Balance Update February 2024 - Orruk Ardboy, a heavily armored greenskin warrior

The Orruk Warclans receive plenty of discounts, particularly the Orruk Ironjawz subfaction. Big pigs, Ardboys, and named characters alike are all cheaper. Other Destruction-aligned big idiot factions get discounts too, with points cuts in the Ogor Mawtribes and Sons of Behemat.

The Seraphon are having their dino-wings clipped, with points increases for Lord Kroak, the Skink Starseer, Slann Starmaster, and wizard-buffing Saurus Astrolith Bearer. It’s only for the magical half of the faction: Ripperdactyl and Terradon riders, Stegadons, and Carnosaurs all see discounts.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Balance Update - a Kharadron Overlords Arkanaut Frigate, a flying ship carried by a pair of strange brass balls

Similarly, the distinctly un-magical Fyreslayers get discounts on a huge range of units, from characters to infantry. In contrast, the up-gunned Kharadron Overlords are having to pay some extra mooring fees for their fleets of sky vessels. Half of their units get points increases. There is a modest discount for the Arkanaut Ironclad.

That’s not the only flagship model to get a points reduction. Nagash, Teclis, Tahlia Vedra, Morathi, Krondys, Archaon, Alarielle, Grey Seer Thanquol, and Shalaxi Hellbane all go down.

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It remains to be seen if this will have as much impact as the most recent Warhammer 40k balance dataslate.

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