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Alien RPG adventure Heart of Darkness concludes sci-fi horror saga

Free League Publishing has completed its first Alien RPG campaign with the adventure Heart of Darkness, which can also be ran as a standalone scenario

Alien RPG - a cat carries a facehugger down a dark, torchlit spaceship hallway

Want to enjoy “a spiralling descent into soul-crushing madness” on your RPG night? Free League Publishing has just released an adventure for the Alien RPG, which it’s advertising as just that.

An adventure for 3-5 players, the setup for Heart of Darkness seems like pretty standard Alien stuff. A shady corporation offers to pay you lots of money to catalogue a new lifeform it has found. Xenomorph horror almost certainly ensues. C’est la vie.

While Heart of Darkness is playable as a standalone adventure, it serves as the grand finale to the Draconis Strain Saga. This began with the very first adventure module published for the Alien RPG, Chariot of the Gods.

Heart of Darkness’ contents include a scenario book, player maps and handouts, a bigger double-sided map for the GM, and seven pre-generated characters players can choose between.

Released on October 18, the Heart of Darkness adventure can be bought as a PDF at DriveThruRPG, where it’s priced at $17.99 / £15.91. It’s also available on Free League’s online store in physical book form, and as a Virtual Tabletop module at Foundry and FantasyGrounds. You’ll need either the Alien RPG core rulebook or starter set to play.