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Apex Legends board game targets tournament play out the gate

An Apex Legends board game is coming from the creators of Frostpunk, featuring detailed miniatures, and with organised play on the horizon

Apex Legends board game box and bloodhound miniature

Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale game Apex Legends is getting a board game adaptation, with a Kickstarter crowdfunder coming up in May. Described as a “team miniatures board game for 2-4 players”, in the Apex Legends board game, you’ll fight it out with plastic miniature versions of the hero shooter’s characters. The publisher seems keen for the title to be seen as a serious strategy wargame, already planning ahead for organised tournament play.

The Apex Legends board game is being created by Glass Cannon Unplugged, a Polish studio known for its tabletop adaptations of video game titles, namely, the board games for Frostpunk and Dying Light.

From the announcement video below, we can see that Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Bangalore, and Wraith are in the Apex Legends box (possibly multiple versions of each hero?) but Glass Cannon says there’ll be seasonal releases which we expect will further flesh out the roster. Perhaps the creator is taking some ‘live service’ tips from its source material. The game’s miniatures seem to have some translucent plastic elements, like Bangalore’s shield and Wraith’s electric sparks.

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CEO Jakub Wisniewski says the strategy board game’s system is designed with newcomers to the tabletop hobby in mind, but is “crafted so that it can include organised play at some later stage”. It promises “innovative combat” and “endless replayability”.

Apex Legends: The Board Game will arrive on Kickstarter on May 17, 2023. Only time will tell whether it’s worthy of a spot on our best miniature wargames list.