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The Dying Light board game is real and coming soon (hopefully)

The creators of the Frostpunk board game are now turning the Dying Light videogame series into a tabletop experience

Dying Light Board Game box promo

Award-winning zombie-parkour videogame Dying Light is getting a board game adaptation, confirms tabletop publisher Glass Cannon Unplugged. The news was announced by Glass Cannon’s CEO Jakub Wiśniewski in an announcement video posted on Wednesday (watch it below). There’s currently no confirmed crowdfunding launch date for Dying Light: The Board Game, but Glass Cannon Unplugged says it’ll be providing updates and recruiting playtesters via a Facebook group and an email newsletter.

Glass Cannon Unplugged’s website refers to the Dying Light board game as “an epic scale board game” and invites fans to “join us on the path to the crowdfunding campaign” – meaning this game is likely to launch on Kickstarter or Gamefound at some point in the future, perhaps with a horde of miniatures and components in tow.

According to its website, Glass Cannon Unplugged is a brand new studio formed by “industry veterans” – though it’s not clear from the website alone what previous experience the team has. Its mission statement places particular emphasis on videogames and “translating them to the language of tabletop”. Wiśniewski himself co-designed the board game adaptation of This War of Mine, a war survival game focusing on civilian experiences. Glass Canon’s first tabletop game – Frostpunk: The Board Game – raised $2.8 million / £2.1 million on Kickstarter and is currently available for pre-order.

For the unfamiliar, Dying Light is a survival horror videogame where you use a mix of weapons-based combat and parkour skills to evade streams of zombies. The game features a unique day-night cycle, where zombies that are slow and easily avoidable during the day become far more aggressive in the dark. It’s not yet been confirmed to what extent the characteristics of the videogame series will be reflected in Dying Light: The Board Games’ mechanics.

With Dying Light 2 releasing to some fanfare, the announcement of Dying Light: The Board Game seems scheduled for maximum hype from the series’ fanbase. Glass Cannon’s focus on adapting videogames also means it’ll be sharing the spin-off space with companies like Steamforged Games – which has already converted digital juggernauts like Resident: Evil, Dark Souls, and Horizon: Zero Dawn for the tabletop.

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