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Best board games in Steam sale: Root, Wingspan, Tabletop Simulator

These are the board games to buy in the autumn Steam sale for 2022 - we've found the best digital board game discounts for you to take advantage of

steam sale board games - a screenshot of a wizard performing a spell in gloomhaven.

Steam’s Autumn Sale kicked off on Tuesday, with approximately one trillion discounts for PC-users to peruse. This Steam sale has loads of discounts on digital board games, so naturally we’ve scoured through the catalogue, dodging yer Witchers and ducking yer Skyrims, to figure out the best board games you can pick up for cheap.

First up, if you truly want value for money, why not go for 1000 board games in one with Tabletop Simulator? At 50% off, this is going for $9.99 / £7.49 right now. This essential title lets you play any one of dozens of board games that clever folks have modded in. You can also just have fun throwing objects around, or creating the ultimate domino chain.

Top strategy board game Root is also deeply discounted – at half price, going for $7.49 / £5.69. You can enjoy some murderous woodland fun – and then perhaps pick up the expansions, which have (lesser) discounts in the sale. For more cerebral animal adventures, there’s 40% off on Wingspan, which you can buy for $11.99 / £10.19. It’s a great family board game, but packs plenty of depth for anyone to enjoy.

steam sale board games - a screenshot of the digital version of wingspan, with bird cards and a forest background.

Much-celebrated dungeon crawler Gloomhaven has a less stupendous but still solid 25% discount on Steam, and is purchasable for $26.24 / £20.84. Our readers have hopefully already snatched this board game up when Gloomhaven was free on Epic, but if you missed out, you can at least be soothed by the fact that this is one of the best digital adaptations of a board game ever made

Finally, if you want to buy the digital versions of Uno or Monopoly, we won’t stop you. The former is cheap as chips, at a 60% discounted $3.99 / £3.43. Meanwhile, Monopoly Plus will only cost you $5.99 / £4.99. Be warned though, the Steam reviews report that it’s quite a buggy board game!

The Autumn Steam sale runs for one week, between Tuesday, November 22 and Tuesday, November 29. After that, it’s back to paying the full amount for your games, so perhaps save some of that Black Friday spending for one of the titles above.

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