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Rebellious Blade Runner RPG follow-up hits Kickstarter in May

If hunting Replicants as a Blade Runner wasn’t your preferred way to roleplay, Free League’s next RPG Kickstarter offers an alternative.

Free League art of a crowd of Replicants from Blade Runner RPG: Replicant Rebellion

A new expansion for the Blade Runner RPG is on the way, with a Kickstarter campaign launching on May 28. According to a press release shared by Free League Publishing on May 16, “Replicant Rebellion massively expands the scope of the critically acclaimed tabletop RPG, recruiting players to join the ranks of the Replicant Underground in Los Angeles 2037”.

The original Blade Runner Roleplaying Game was published in 2022. We gave it a promising 8/10 in our Blade Runner RPG review, and we weren’t the only ones who thought it shone like tears in the rain. In 2023, the tabletop RPG won two Ennie awards for the cartography and layout design in its core rulebook and starter set. UK Games Expo also named the starter set ‘best roleplaying adventure’ of 2023.

Blade Runner RPG: Replicant Rebellion cover by Free League Publishing

Free League says that Replicant Rebellion is set in the same time and place as the core rulebook, but this time you’ll see the future of LA “from the opposite perspective”. Instead of playing Blade Runners on the hunt for Replicants, you’ll be the very Replicants you chased after in previous sessions of the game.

“For the Rebellion, players will run their own independent crew who must undertake a variety of operations, all while attempting to maintain their cover and keep their records clean”, says Free League. You might find yourself rioting against the establishment or quietly helping fugitives. Perhaps you’ll light a few fires to slow down the trade of Replicants, or you’ll be sleuthing to catch a mole among your friends.

The new book will apparently include an overview of the Replicant Underground organization, as well as guidelines for creating a campaign focused on its activities. This includes new character archetypes to play and new rules to help you avoid the law.

Blade Runner RPG: Replicant Rebellion art of a female Replicant

Replicant Rebellion will feature several pre-written adventures. Plus, the Kickstarter campaign will also be selling a Blade Runner RPG Asset Pack, designed to help you create your own adventures for the Blade Runner universe.

Crowdfunding kicks off at 6am PT (9am ET / 2pm BST) on May 28. Free League promises to release a PDF version of the book several months early if it gets full funding, and a mystery bonus item is available for anyone who backs in the first 24 hours.

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