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Over 1000 RPG books on sale from Call of Cthulhu publisher

It's GM's Day, which means loads of savings on TTRPG books and PDFs at DriveThruRPG. Chaosium's sale is particularly humungous, with 1000+ titles on sale

Call of Cthulhu starter set book cover

For the next two weeks, the annual GM’s Day sale is running on DriveThruRPG, with loads of TTRPG books on offer, from DnD sourcebooks to indie tabletop RPGs.

One of the largest piles of savings we’ve spotted comes from Chaosium, which is offering up to 30% off on a whopping 1400 titles, including the core rulebooks for Basic Roleplaying, RuneQuest, and Call of Cthulhu.

Until the sale ends on March 15, you can pick up Call of Cthulhu for $6.99 and fill your boots with spooky campaigns like Beyond the Mountains of Madness for $13.99.

Meanwhile, Basic Roleplaying is deeply discounted to $15.37, and the RuneQuest Starter Set comes in at $12.74. Ready to graduate from the starter set? There are also deals on all Chaosium’s adventures for the system, like Crimson King and The White Upon the Hills.

Those are our recommendations, but you should check the full list for yourself. And stay tuned, we’ll be keeping an eye out for hot deals on all the very best tabletop RPGs during the two week GM’s Day sale.