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Call of Duty board game hits Kickstarter hard

The Call of Duty board game is on a crowdfunding killstreak, hitting its funding goal in the first day after launching a Kickstarter on August 1.

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The Call of Duty board game launched on Kickstarter on Monday, August 1, and was funded on day one – as always seems to be the way for these big board game crowdfunders. Created by Arcane Wonders in partnership with Activision, this strategy board game has raised $107,500 at time of writing, and is expected to release in September 2024.

Described on its Kickstarter page as ‘an action-strategy board game’, the Call of Duty board game – much like the video games on which it is based – is all about combat. Each player takes control of an operative and is tasked with taking out the opponent and capturing flags. As well as all the weapons, kill streaks, and operatives you’d expect from a COD adaptation, this board game shooter also features hidden movement and simultaneous turns.

Taking cues from Pokémon of all things, the game is available in Red or Blue versions, each one with its own unique map, cards, and characters. These $49 boxes allow for two player duels, but you can also pledge $99 for the Collector’s Edition, which combines them into one, four-player package.

That’s by no means the most expensive pledge level though. Already there are six distinct expansion packs with new 5-6 player maps, new operators, and a conquest game mode, so you could also pledge $249 for the Deluxe Bundle, or $600 for the opportunity to design your own card.

Call of Duty: The Board Game gets its retail release in 2024, and presumably it’ll be around the same time backers get their copies in September. According to the Kickstarter FAQ, early access is not a reason to pledge, but rather a discounted price – and the chance to pick up the Collector’s Edition rather than individual Red and Blue boxes, since the former will only have limited copies available on store shelves.

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When it was announced a few months ago, Call of Duty: The Board Game was described as “a series” and so we wouldn’t be surprised to see more game modes and expansions released later on, assuming this initial Kickstarter launch meets expectations.

Arcane Wonders, which designed the COD board game, is known for titles such as the WW2 board game Air, Land, & Sea, as well as the city-building game Foundations of Rome. Check out our best board games list to find more great titles.