Catan is half-price in the Black Friday sales

Catan, one of the most respected board games of all time, is currently available at a 51% discount on Amazon as part of the Black Friday sales

Catan being played by a bunch of people who probably got the game on Black Friday and then used the money they saved on snacks.

The legendary board game Catan is currently 51% off on Amazon as part of the Black Friday weekend, bringing the price down to $23.99 USD. If you’ve never played this game before, you owe it to yourself to grab a copy and add it to your collection – every board game connoisseur should give it a try at least once. Unfortunately for those in the UK, this deal is only available in the US.

For any readers who might not know much about Catan, it’s all about settling the titular island. You and different players spread out across different tiles of land, and you have to navigate your relationships with one another in order to grow in the most efficient way. You trade resources between each other, but with everybody vying for the most land, you undoubtedly butt heads with your fellow players as you go along, so you need to outmanoeuvre your opponents.

You’ll find Catan in our list of the best classic board games which are still worth playing today. If you feel like going into this game is a little bit daunting, make sure you check out our instructional guide on how to play Catan which will get you all clued in.

We’re not sure exactly how long you’re going to be able to get Catan at half price because, at this time of year, deals come and go at a rapid speed. Make sure you don’t take too long deliberating, because, by the time you’ve made up your mind, it could be back to full price. Also, help yourself to an Amazon Prime free trial so that you can get free next-day delivery.

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