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New Catan Starfarers board game expansion up for pre-order

Catan Studios has kicked off pre-orders for Catan Starfarers: New Encounters, a board game expansion for the sci-fi Settlers of Catan spin-off.

Catan Starfarers New Encounter preorder photo of board game box

Catan Starfarers, a spin-off of the classic board game Settlers of Catan, has a new expansion available for pre-order. Publisher Catan Studios kicked off pre-orders for Catan Starfarers: New Encounters on May 22. The Catan expansion includes three new sci-fi scenarios, featuring a lost civilisation, space pirates, and giant amoebas.

Starfarers and Settlers share a lot of the same DNA, but one has you colonising planets instead of building towns. We may not consider Catan one of the best board games by today’s standards, but the 1995 title defined the hobby as we know it today.

Starfarers of Catan first gave the series a sci-fi twist in 1999, and Catan Starfarers is a 2019 revamp of the same concept. Catan creator Klaus Teuber designed both games, and he’s credited as a co-designer on New Encounters. This is one of the first Catan releases since his death in April.

New Encounters retails for $59.99 (£48.47). It’s not clear from the Catan Studios shop when the expansion is due to release.